Configuration questions? Help is just a phone call away!


Employees with a new smartphone or tablet often need a bit of extra help getting them set up and working. Now they can call the Device Xpert Line directly, where help is available for them to get their devices working perfectly right away.


The more efficiently their mobile devices are working, the more productive workers can be. However, configuring a device can often be a long and complicated procedure. This is where the Orange Device Xpert Line comes in handy, helping guide your employees through the configuration process as quickly as possible, leaving them more time to get on with their own work.


Specialist advice in an instant

The Device Xpert Line's expert advisors are specially trained to deal with all the latest mobile brands. They can guide your employees through all aspects of mobile device usage, from setting-up to refining individual tweaks. So should your employees have any questions about their device, skilled assistance is just a phone call away.


Open every working day, from 8am to 7pm

The dedicated helpline number is 070 799 799. Your employees can access device support from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm. Calls cost only 30 euro cents per minute, which works out to be very cost effective in terms of reducing the workload on your internal helpdesk and other individual contacts.


Configuring your mobile device?

Call the Device Xpert Line on 070 799 799 where help is at hand immediately.

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