Keep as much mobility and availability as possible


All telecom operators provide services to guarantee as much communication and availability as possible. As a result, they need to continually improve the quality of the network. Besides this, they also provide other interesting services. Two strong examples from Orange: Business Insurance and Mobile Phone Clinic.

With Business Insurance, you insure your mobile phone devices and their accessories against mechanical defects, accidental damage (as a result of a sudden and unpredictable event that is not caused by the insured person) and theft. The interesting thing is that the device and the related items Orange insures are linked to a certain mobile phone call-up number. So, when you change your mobile phone, you no longer need to report the IMEI number of your new device to the insurance company. What’s more, the insurance is valid worldwide. 

Besides this, Orange also offers support for the device itself. Is there a problem with your mobile phone, Smartphone, BlackBerry or some kind of accessory? Then Orange will solve the problem at the Mobile Phone Clinic. They will come and collect your device and repair it as quickly as possible. You will receive a quote in advance if the warranty has expired or if the defect is not mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions of the manufacturer’s guarantee.


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