Lumia 550. Affordable power.


You just want a good smartphone, without having to break the bank. The Lumia 550 gives you the power and flexibility of Windows 10 at a price that will make you smile.


The Lumia 550 from Microsoft is the kind of smartphone that gives you real value for money. 4G LTE connectivity, flexible multitasking, the brand-new browser Microsoft Edge, etc. It's fast, versatile and reliable.


All the Windows 10 services and apps. Just like on your computer.

You'll be up and running with your Lumia 550 in a flash. That's logical: with its brand-new Windows 10 operating system you have exactly the same smart Microsoft services and apps as on your computer.

In addition, using the free OneDrive storage, you can save your documents securely in the cloud, and check and change them wherever and whenever you like using, your Lumia.


4.7 inch HD screen included

4.7 inches. That's not too big and not too small. The Lumia 550 is never in the way but remains easy to operate. The colours and contrasts on this HD budget device are also everything you would expect of a decent smartphone.   


4G LTE connectivity. Of course.

We hardly need to mention it. However, it's still nice to know. The Lumia 550 uses 4G LTE connectivity meaning that you can use the mobile network at high speed.


Attracted by this budget device with a difference? Then be quick and take a look at the Lumia 550 in our hardware catalogue.

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