Crystal-clear calls via Orange


We are the only operator in Belgium to offer High-Definition Voice technology (HD Voice) via all network technologies. As a result you benefit from superior sound quality, and static and other irritating background noises are filtered more effectively.

HD Voice codes the sound much better, more specifically the low and high frequencies, so that it almost seems as if you and your interlocutor are in the same room! Try it for yourself: even whispers are clearly audible with HD Voice.

In 2010 Orange was the first operator to offer HD Voice in Belgium: at the time we activated the crystal-clear voice quality on every SIM card via 3G. Right now Orange is the only operator in Belgium to offer HD Voice via all network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and VoWiFi). This service is entirely free of charge.

To call in high-definition you do have to meet certain conditions. Naturally you have to be an Orange customer and that is also the case for your interlocutor. In addition both of your mobiles must support HD Voice technology.   


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