5G facilitates house hunting

Agent demonstrates simulation

5G is revolutionising various sectors, including the real estate business. High-quality 3D simulations now help estate agents to guide potential buyers in their decisions.

It is quite a challenge to show customers the potential of a property, especially with newbuilds. Tessel Leus, manager of ERA Leus real estate, knows this only too well. High-quality simulations make it easier for the customer and the estate agent to visualise the property. With a good presentation of the property, the agent can offer potential buyers better support from the start.

Cloudalize is one the cloud platforms that make such digital simulations possible. Developers of applications work with Cloudalize to stream their application directly to the estate agent’s devices. However, this requires a high-performance mobile network. 5G creates a wealth of opportunities here thanks to its high bandwidth and low latency. “5G will unlock the potential of cloud computing because it enables us to stream high-end graphics to any screen,” says Cloudalize CEO Benny Willen. In Orange, the company has found a reliable partner who supports them in their pursuit of 5G innovations.


Watch the full report here.


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