5G in the picture: innovations in the construction, real estate and care sectors


5G is the driving force behind a technological revolution. The business world is the main beneficiary of these opportunities. But what new possibilities has 5G unlocked? We bring you examples from the construction, care and real estate sectors.

Construction industry: focus on profitability and minimal chance of error

In the construction industry, building information modeling (BIM) plays a key role at every building site. This model is an overarching plan to which every party, from architect to contractor, adds information. It results in a full 3D plan that contains all the essential information for the construction, maintenance and subsequent renovation of the building. Thanks to 5G and augmented reality applications, the BIM can be visualised at the building site itself, resulting in higher profitability and a lower chance of error.

Healthcare sector: expertise at home

With people now living in their own homes until much later in life, home care has become a hot topic within the healthcare industry. Bringing the expertise of specialists to the patients instead of the other way round can alleviate the pressure on hospitals. With the aid of smart glasses and video streaming over 5G, home care nurses can consult a specialist during their visit, meaning patients are guaranteed the best care without leaving the comfort of their home.

Real estate sector: visualising possibilities

How do you sell a property that is yet to be built? And how do you persuade a potential buyer that an old house can be renovated according to the most modern standards? Virtual and augmented reality enable building promoters and real estate agents to give potential buyers a preview of their future home. Thanks to 5G, interested parties can see on site what their future home or renovation project will look like in reality.

Curious to find out what 5G can do for your company? Discover the full range of possibilities of this network.

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