8 applications for a digital construction site


Digital is the new normal. Time to jump on the bandwagon. To make things easier for you we have selected the apps and programs that can help you digitalise. 

Thanks to digitalisation your data are always at your fingertips. For instance, you can consult stocks on the move, track deliveries in real time and follow up on your projects on your smartphone, tablet or PC regardless of your location. In short, you can deliver your projects worry-free and in detail, in record time. But which tools do you need to achieve this? Here’s an overview.


Manage your construction site digitally

With Aproplan your building project is managed centrally. You keep all the information up-to-date, ensuring a more efficient communication flow.

Here are some of the things you can do with AproPlan:

  • Create to-do lists for employees and subcontractors
  • Add remarks to upcoming tasks
  • Consult automated building site reports
  • Add pictures with captions to the plan
  • Send discrete messages to customers, architects, subcontractors, etc.

App available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Also accessible via desktop.



Limit red tape to a minimum

Plenion24/7 is an ERP cloud solution geared to installation and construction companies. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In layman’s terms: software that lets you work efficiently, within and outside your organisation. How does this software help you?

An integrated Customer Relations Management module lets you map out all data regarding a prospect or new project. You receive a notification when certain actions must be undertaken.

Calculations and quotations
Plenion24/7 is a fast way of making quotations and budget calculations for assignments and projects.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
A dashboard collates all the KPI information that is relevant to your company. For instance, to what extent have ongoing projects been invoiced? Which projects are in the red or what does the quotation portfolio for specific periods look like?

The calendar function gives a transparent overview of short-term activities and brings your individual colleagues up to speed.

Application à consulter dans le cloud sur PC, ordinateur, tablette ou smartphone.



Map your vehicle fleet

Keep close track of your vehicle fleet with the fleet management system of RAM track-and-trace. You get an overview of the whereabouts of the vehicles and you also get an accurate mileage registration and a detailed picture of fuel consumption. As a result, you can make targeted adjustments while saving time and money.



Locate the right partners

Hit-Market is a secure communication platform for entrepreneurs, subcontractors and suppliers. On this platform the (main) contractor can invite quotations from suppliers, who can submit their quotations immediately. Available at any location for smartphone or tablet, this tool simplifies the quotation process and gives you access to a list of high-quality suppliers and subcontractors.

Communication platform for desktop and mobile



Optimise your workflow

Emixis: fleet & asset management|workforce management

Users of Emexis applications can plan their vehicle fleet management efficiently, plan the interventions of their workforce and keep close track of other mobile materials and equipment. Optimise itineraries, curb fuel consumption and protect your vehicles. Or monitor the performance of your workforce in real time and simplify on-site time registration procedures.



Manage your project from quotation to delivery

The online version of calculation tool cpro, cpro-on-web, lets you draw up quotations, progress reports and invoices for all your building projects. With this tool all of these documents are drawn up in a single program, allowing a swift and simple follow-up of all your projects, from quotation to delivery. This tool is entirely free of charge for members of the Belgian Building Research Institute (WTCB). Here are some of the benefits:

  • Available everywhere (internet connection required)
  • No installation
  • User-friendly and fast
  • Accurate calculations
  • Runs on PC (Chrome) and Mac (Safari)
  • Secure (data protection)



Your construction site in the picture, literally and figuratively

C-Site is a flexible and modular camera application that documents, visualises and promotes projects in the execution stage. A camera automatically takes pictures or makes videos that can be viewed via an app. Those images can then be used for project follow-up, marketing or security purposes.

With the C-site service you can view pictures, live streams and time lapse footage online, whenever and wherever you wish. The online tool provides support in terms of project follow-up, creative marketing and time-lapse photography.



Streamlined business management

Astena is an extensive software package geared to the construction and installation industry that helps streamline your business management. An online dashboard lets you follow up your projects, from budget allocation to planning and from phasing to actual costing. This gives you a clear and up-to-date overview of quotations, budgets, stock, ongoing projects, material needs, etc. The contract management feature immediately tells you which client has which type of contract and what is in it. The equipment management function tells you the whereabouts of any specific device.



How robust is your device?

Most mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops are no match for the extreme circumstances often found at a construction site: dust, humidity and the generous odds of falling to the ground on multiple occasions. A rugged device - also known as a ruggedised device - is no luxury under these circumstances. These devices have been specifically designed to withstand the extreme circumstances at a construction site.


Click here to check out four devices for use on construction sites.


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