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You want mobile calls and mobile browsing wherever you are. Modern, well-insulated buildings do not always allow for the best mobile coverage inside. Fortunately, this can be fixed by placing a Network Extender at your company site. 

Reduced coverage in the office is increasing for two reasons:

– Regulations

All regional governments limit the range of mobile phone masts. In addition, in certain areas they do not allow the installation of a sufficient number of mobile phone masts to guarantee optimum connection quality.

– Insulation

New building insulation technology often involves the use of metal, which blocks the reception or transmission of radio waves. 

Both causes can make mobile phone signals weaker within your company walls, sometimes to the point where quality mobile voice calls or internet browsing are no longer possible.


3G within your company walls

The Orange Network Extender is a femtocell that covers an area of up to 15 metres around the unit. Depending on the building’s structure, this corresponds to a surface area of up to 200 m². The small cellular base station will improve your indoor coverage. The Network Extender will support up to 8 simultaneous 3G-voice calls or data connections. This is usually enough to support 60 mobile users at the office. Voice calls automatically take priority over data connections. 



The Network Extender offers the following advantages:

1. Professional installation

The installer will connect the Network Extender with the internet on the day of the installation. All you need to provide is an Ethernet port in the middle of the space where you want improved coverage. The Ethernet cable will link the Network Extender to your internet connection and then on to the Orange network. The installer will test the operation of the Network Extender after the installation to ensure it works perfectly.

2. Fast rollout

The Network Extender will be configured and the installation process will be started one week after you sign your agreement with Orange. After two weeks, the installer will call you to arrange the installation date. It therefore takes very little time to get better coverage. 

3. High compatibility

All mobile phones that support 3G are compatible with the Network Extender. The unit works with most internet connections on the market. Your download and upload speed needs to be at least 1 Mbps. You need to open the necessary ports if you make any changes to your Internet connection – to the firewall or DHCP server, for example. Download our tool at to find out whether your internet connection meets all the requirements.

Find out more

Do you have weak mobile phone coverage inside your company building? Do you want to know whether a Network Extender can fix your indoor coverage problem? Perhaps you have some technical questions? Whatever you need to know, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager. 

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