Are you familiar with the mobility budget?


Staff can spend their mobility budget on environment-friendly alternatives such as public transport but it may also have an impact on your way of working and your smartphone. Let’s take a look at the possibilities. 

What is a mobility budget and how high is it?

The mobility budget enables staff to trade in their company car for a more environmentally friendly model. This means an electric car or a car with lower CO2 emissions (< 95 g/km). 

The resulting budget will be equivalent to the annual gross cost of your company car for your employer, including petrol and insurance. 

However, there are a few conditions. Unless it’s a start-up, staff must have been entitled to a company car for at least three years. As for the staff itself, in principle they must  drive a company car or be eligible for one for at least 12 months.

Public transport

The funds freed up by the mobility budget can then be spent on other sustainable modes of transport. This can mean an environment-friendly car but a season ticket for public transport (train, tram, bus or metro) to travel to and from work is also a valid option. Other possibilities include taxi rides, car sharing or a water taxi.

What’s more, thanks to the mobility budget you can even trade in your company car altogether, opting instead to use only public transport. This is also reminiscent of another arrangement known as thecash for carsformula. The federal government has prepared a draft law making it easier for employees to exchange their company car for cash salary.

Working on the go

Whatever formula you prefer to give up your company car: using public transport opens up a range of opportunities. For instance, on the train you can simply keep working or you can read and send emails. Behind the wheel of a car this is obviously not the best of ideas. 

For this purpose a generous data allowance comes in handy since Belgian trains are still not equipped with a WiFI connection as standard. 

So you see there are more angles to the concept of mobility than you might think. Thanks to the mobility budget.

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