Belgian-made SmartMail tackles the bottlenecks in mail boxes


Do you and your colleagues struggle with overflowing mail boxes? The professional tool that makes a radical difference is SmartMail. Result: less stress thanks to an empty inbox.


Chaos in your inbox, important messages that get forgotten, trouble in retrieving mails. If you and your colleagues are having this kind of trouble then SmartMail is the answer. Indeed, this mail and collaboration tool from Easi gets rid of the inefficient properties of the traditional inbox.


Simple to track mails

Do you mark e-mails as unread or do you put yourself in cc to be sure to follow them up? When you use SmartMail this is no longer necessary. You just add a reminder to your mail and send your colleagues a notification. Also, your mail traffic will be shown in conversation form and attachments are managed effectively. In short, it has never been easier to process your mails.


Faster and smarter collaboration

It is not only your own follow-up that becomes more streamlined, but team projects as well. Mails, meetings and tasks are gathered together and shared on one single platform, and the way in which mails are classified is the same for everyone. ‘An empty inbox’ becomes a reality for you and your colleagues.



You can choose between using the SmartMail mailbox or your own mailbox. It's entirely up to you. Furthermore SmartMail is cloud-based, meaning you and your colleagues can access SmartMail from any browser (FireFox, IE, Safari and Chrome) or iOS device. You pay per user and per month – depending on the number of users. Maintenance, updates, service and back-ups are all included.


Interested in this Belgian-made solution? Take a look at the functions and prices on the SmartMail website.

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