Call over Wi-Fi and 4G, now on even more devices


In June 2018, Orange was the first operator to offer incoming and outgoing calls over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) as well as 4G (VoLTE). Now VoWi-Fi and VoLTE are also compatible with Mobile VPN and VoLTE is available to iPhone users. The range of compatible devices keeps growing.

With VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi) and VoLTE (Voice over 4G/LTE) you can use your mobile to call over Wi-Fi or 4G. There is no extra charge involved and no need for an extra app. Moreover, Orange is the only operator in Belgium to offer HD Voice via all network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi). You’ll experience crystal clear sound quality with every call. 


What is VoWi-Fi?

VoWi-Fi gives you optimum call quality, even in well-isolated buildings that mobile network signals have trouble penetrating. You’ll enjoy clear calls wherever you’re connected to Wi-Fi. The connection is established almost instantly. If you move into an area without Wi-Fi coverage during your call, the conversation switches seamlessly to 4G (VoLTE).


What is VoLTE?

Until recently 4G only gave you internet access. With VoLTE you can call over the 4G network while continuing to surf at 4G speed. Plus, your connection is established faster: in 1 to 2 seconds instead of around 7 seconds in the case of a 2G or 3G network. If you cross over into an area without 4G coverage, your call switches seamlessly to 3G/2G or Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi).


Available on more devices

Since the launch of VoWi-Fi and VoLTE, Orange has added extra devices to their range to guarantee you the optimal user experience. The number of supported devices has skyrocketed: several Android devices have been added and VoLTE will be available to iPhone users (for all models later than the 5S) no later than 15 January 2019.


Now also with mobile VPN

Mobile VPN is now also compatible with VoWi-Fi and VoLTE. This means you can call over Wi-Fi and the 4G network even when using the VPN service.


How do you activate it?

In Belgium, VoWi-Fi and VoLTE are available free of charge for all B2B customers whose tariff plan includes 4G mobile data. If you’ve installed the latest software updates, your calls run over 4G as standard. If you activate the Calls over Wi-Fi option, your smartphone will automatically use the strongest network for calls, whether it’s the Wi-Fi network or Orange’s 4G, 3G or 2G networks.

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