Companies expect a personal approach when it comes to their telecommunications


Convergent, tailored to your needs and offered by one party and one contact person if possible. It’s exactly what organisations expect from their telecommunication operators. At the same time, it’s also the focal point of Fix Corporate, the Orange fixed data and voice solution designed specifically for companies.

What companies need

What are companies’ expectations according to Orange?

Multinationals, big companies and SMEs all expect a telecom infrastructure that is fully tailored to their needs. Telecom and network connections are becoming more and more important for companies. What is important is that every organisation, every company branch and every country site of an international organisation is different. Some organisations have offices in different countries. Others have a combination of offices and points of sale. Communication needs are also constantly changing, just like the companies themselves. Telecom and ICT must reflect this. These needs are also present on an individual level, for the employees themselves. Some employees are often on the go, while others are always in the office. The Orange Fix Corporate offer also takes into account these differences.


What are the spearheads of Fix Corporate?


Convergence is the word that sums up the fixed data and telecommunications solutions offered by Fix Corporate. We offer a convergent communication solution for data, Internet and voice services, to which mobile data and mobile voice services can obviously be added. Companies can access everything with a single connection (fixed or mobile) and use just one contact person. This is more efficient for the client, and more attractive in terms of pricing. The client stipulates the various building blocks for network communication and telecom solutions in collaboration with Orange. Nowadays, companies expect a personalised approach to everything, including telecommunications. This is why our network of partners is crucial. Our clients can continue to work with their existing service partners to meet their needs in terms of their site level security, IP PBX switchboards or the management of their local network or LAN.


Efficient communication with Fix Corporate

What exactly do the Orange Fix Corporate services entail?

Our range is based on our fixed and mobile network that can be used for the implementation of permanent sites and integration of mobile data handsets. Convergence can therefore be used in the best way possible. This is most certainly not something that just any operator can do. It is also important that we have access to a network that, by definition, offers international coverage. Our fixed and mobile network is the basis for our fixed and mobile IP VPN range for businesses. This ensures that different company sites can come together in a virtual private network to communicate with each other efficiently. Staff members from various sites can use all office and company applications quickly and safely, just as if they were working in the head office. Even here, the focus is on individual staff members. Employees on the go can use their mobile data connection to securely access the company network, for example. Access to applications running on top of the IP VPN is also important.


Which applications are involved?

A unique characteristic of IP VPN, and therefore our Fix Corporate range, is that it supports and facilitates the overlying company applications, such as voice calls between client IP VPN sites without price-per-minute rates for VoIP traffic and company applications such as office software, inventory management and CRM. Applications can be added on a network level. This allows companies to connect their IP PBX or telephone switchboards directly to the IP VPN network. Other applications include centralised, secure Internet and there may already be an online link with the Atos Worldlink secure payment application. The so-called growth path is another major benefit. Our solution makes it easy for you to add sites, bandwidth and applications. Besides the more crucial business applications, Fix Corporate can use a high-speed Ethernet link to connect your head office with a disaster recovery site and can provide local Internet access to every site, for example.


The pillars of Fix Corporate:



What else does Fix Corporate have to offer?

One very important point with IP VPN is the Quality of Services, or the priority that is given to certain applications. An operator like Orange tends to offer its own classification system, but the client can also specify which network traffic gets priority. It’s yet another area in which Orange is very flexible. We built in six standard classes, but clients can also decide on their own specific traffic distribution themselves. In that case, we adjust to meet the client’s needs. Every client has different needs, and not all of these needs are technical. Companies also have special requirements on a business level – in terms of billing, for example – which we try to comply with as much as possible.


Is that also the case with the service guarantees or SLAs?

Absolutely. Our SLAs are far more flexible than those of our competitors. Orange works with a monthly SLA, so companies can receive financial compensation on a monthly basis. They don’t have to wait an entire year for possible compensation, which is the case with some of our competitors. We see it as a way for us to solve problems more quickly and more accurately. Our expanded reporting tools allow companies to monitor network use on the site’s level and on the level of the Class of Service, i.e. the application. All this reflects our personalised client approach. That is also what clients expect today: an approach that is tailored to their business.


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