Continue your conversation, even when crossing the Luxembourg border


Thanks to an exclusive agreement with Orange Luxembourg, Orange Belgium is the only operator that can offer this convenient service for daily commuters and other travellers that ensures trouble-free calls at the national rate. This makes additional costs a thing of the past.

Normally, cell phone calls stop when you cross the border because the signal is lost with the original network. Waiting for your phone to connect again to the local network is no longer necessary. Orange Belgium and Orange Luxembourg have enhanced their network with a technical innovation that allows a call to be seamlessly transferred between the Belgian and Luxembourg operators, removing any interruption in the call.



Once across the border, you pay the same rate as in the country where the conversation originated.

Example: as an Orange Belgium customer in Luxembourg, you will continue to pay the domestic rate.

No extra costs anymore

If you or one of your employees has a subscription with unlimited calling time, than this service is part of the package, without any additional costs. Communters between the two countries no longer have to pay roaming fees, when crossing the border.

According to Orange Belgium 60,000 customers will frequently use and benefit from this technological innovation.

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