Data usage puts Invoice Split back on the map


A recent survey conducted by Beltug among companies with over 200 employees shows that approximately one third of companies (32%) are opting for the split invoice scheme. This means that the employer pays (part of) the private telephone usage of his staff.

Both parties benefit from this arrangement: the employer pays a fixed monthly amount and therefore knows exactly how much is being spent. The employee then pays any extra cost incurred at an advantageous rate. According to Peter Caestecker, Product Manager at Orange Belgium: “Invoice Split offered by Orange is not new. However, over the last two years customers have become increasingly interested in this scheme.”


Data Subscriptions

Peter Caestecker believes that growing interest in Invoice Split is primarily due to the rise in data subscriptions. He explains: “A considerable number of employees, especially those of the younger generation, expect a SIM card including data nowadays. Many HR Managers and departments are now opting for this scheme and often include it into the wider remuneration package offered to their employees.

For one thing, the scheme does not involve any extra cost as it is a free option, included in Orange’s Shape mobile tariff plan.


Fringe Benefit

Peter Caestecker continues: “In the past, employees had to enter a code before they could make a private call. With Invoice Split that is no longer necessary.” Employer and employee come to an agreement on how to split the telecoms costs from the outset.

Some companies pay the telecoms bills of their staff in full. If the employee in question also uses the device for private purposes, he or she will have to pay for this so-called fringe benefit.


Fleet Manager 

Invoice Split is not only popular with HR Managers and staff, but Fleet Managers also favour the idea. Peter Caestecker elaborates: “With the recent arrival of the e-signature platform, new end users can now sign their contracts remotely. So-called onboarding, i.e. setting up new employees, is an entirely electronic process.”

This means Fleet Managers are not bombarded with telephone calls, not even during the term of the contract, for instance by an employee who is going on holiday to the States and would like to change his tariff. “Employees can monitor their own usage with the My Orange App and the Orange Customer Zone and use these facilities to manage their subscription.”


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Source: BELTUG, Belgian Association of Digital Technology Leaders, ICT Market Trends Survey, 2016

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