Digital transformation driven by the SMAC stack


More and more companies venture out onto the path of digital transformation. Solutions that can support them in this include enterprise voice technology, one number that is fixed or mobile and the Internet of Things.

The following seven technology scenarios can support your company’s digital transformation now already:

  1. You get easy access to solutions such as unified communications and collaboration with a modern VoIP PBX.
  2. You always have the same phone number regardless of whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone, with fixed-mobile convergence.
  3. You can interconnect your various sites in a flexible, reliable and secure way with IP VPN and a 4G backup connection.
  4. You can link your mobile devices to your corporate network securely with IP VPN Everywhere.
  5. You can connect your industrial equipment reliably with the internet by means of ruggedised SIM cards that include 24/7 support.
  6. You can connect any business application in the cloud with your business network thanks to our IP VPN gateway.
  7. You can easily connect your international sites with each other thanks to our international network.

Of course there are countless more scenarios, because technology continues to develop. The above examples are available on the market now already and Orange can take on a facilitating role as the operator.

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If you want to know how technology is already transforming your business and how Orange supports you with its data and voice services in order to overcome your technology challenges, download our information pack on 'Technology as the driving force behind digital transformation'.


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