Enterprise Mobility in your company: a question of choice


Mobility is not just about making calls or using the internet on your smartphone. It is predominantly about how you organise your company. About how you can better help your clients, partners and employees. This is all because people and machines are becoming increasingly linked with the internet. Frank De Weser, Director of B2B Marketing & M2M at Orange, gives his vision and details how Orange actually implements Enterprise Mobility.

A solution for every little part

Enterprise Mobility contains several parts. First there’s the connectivity for making telephone calls or sending data. "The rate plans at Orange are perfectly matched to Enterprise Mobility. Both telephony as well as data are included here," says Frank De Weser. "With our split invoicing solution, clients who want to, can allow their employees to make calls and use the internet at work, but also in private, always at the same great rates."

Secondly, Orange offers an extensive catalogue of mobile devices and associated services. "All account managers have the Helena app on their tablets, allowing them to advise you, as a client, of your best option. Using Helena, they know which devices best suit you and your organisation," explains De Weser.

Thirdly, Orange offers a number of solutions for managing your devices, regardless of whether you have bought them from Orange or not: the so-called Mobile Device Management solutions. "For example, at the end of 2014, we launched Device Manager (previously known as Mobifleet) . It offers companies the possibility of entrusting the management of their fleet of mobile devices to us. The data and applications on the devices are secure and in the event of loss or theft, they can easily be recuperated," he explains. "The people using the devices can also call a helpdesk six days a week."

Apart from mobile devices, mobile apps have also made further headway into the business world. "There has been an explosion of easy to implement apps for business purposes," he says. "Orange can help you see the bigger picture. We work with a number of certified partners. Our account managers will happily give you advice on the possibilities."


Man and machine

Enterprise Mobility is not just about human interactions, but also about the machine-to-machine phenomenon–M2M. It’s another area where companies will find various opportunities to give themselves new energy. They can virtually re-invent their work methods. "As people and machines are becoming more and more connected, companies that make the most of the opportunities will be the best equipped," explains De Weser.

To illustrate this, he refers to the vending machine industry. Orange has very many clients in the sector who are combining connectivity between people and machines more and more frequently. "For example, through the machines, maintenance technicians and the people who stock the vending machines are connecting with each other. It allows these companies to handle logistics and repairs more efficiently," De Weser says. "We see that the same companies also offer different payment options via their appropriately connected machines."


Orange or partners, standard or tailored

Orange is the market leader in M2M. "In the majority of these machines, such as mobile payment terminals and on-board computers for trucks, you’ll find a SIM card from Orange. Often without the end-user even knowing," says De Weser. Orange is the preferred partner for a number of companies that offer total solutions with an inbuilt mobile connection that uses the Orange network.

When they choose their partners, it’s a conscious choice. "It results from a combination of factors, such as having a dedicated organisation where every ounce of expertise is gathered in a single team. Even our adapted network allows us to integrate our connectivity flexibly in the total solution of the partners."

De Weser emphasises that in the end, the client needs to decide with whom they want to work. ‘We also have this vision for the other parts of our Enterprise Mobility solutions. This allows the client to choose, for example, Device Manager for the management of their mobile devices. But at the same time, if they offer a more suitable solution, we will refer the client to a partner such as MobileIron, AirWatch of Citrix," De Weser explains. "Our account managers will inform the client about the various solutions. Based on the needs of the client, we will send them to an expert from among our partners."

According to De Weser, the same approach is also taken for apps. "Orange has an extensive ecosystem of partners such as Showpad, Flow Pilots, Endare, Emexus, Eureca Mobile and Cardwise. All these companies are active on the Belgian market and specialise in offering standard applications or apps tailored for businesses.” 


Would you like to propel your organisation towards more mobility?  Now’s the time to contact your account manager.

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