Everything comes together


What were once worlds apart, have slowly grown closer together. Take IT and Telecommunications as an example. Until a few years ago, they did not really have anything in common. Today, both speech and data traffic travel by the same network. Also fixed and mobile communication is becoming increasingly integrated, with, for example, a mobile back-up line for a fixed connection.

Today, convergence is a leading trend in company life. This is not just what I experience in my job, but also what highly-reknowned research agencies like Gartner are saying. Consultants at Accenture and Avenade are even speaking about "The Hyper-Convergence Effect". According to them, convergence does not just relate to IT and Telecom, other domains are also converging. Think about the time that you spend on your work life and your private life. These worlds are flowing into each other more and more.

It is in light of these trends that Orange is launching a new service: Fix Corporate (formerly known as Matrix Solutions).  It gives you the connectivity that you need, in combination with services that suit your organisation. It makes a convergent solution possible, one that offers great benefits like speech and data traffic that travels across a fixed line.

It is a response to well-defined needs. Telecom and network connections are becoming important for a business. And this importance is increasing. Furthermore, every organisation works differently. Whether it is a Belgian company with sites in Belgium, a franchise of a company or a multi-national. 

In this issue, we offer the building blocks of your ideal telecommunications solution. Because as your company responds to opportunities and evolves, your communication needs to do the same.


Stéphane Beauduin, Chief B2B Officer at Orange

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