Farewell roaming charges in the EU


The new European legislation has made communication within the European Union much cheaper. Roaming charges within the EU have been abolished. At Orange, the new legislation went into effect on 11 June 2017. Here’s an overview of what has changed for you:


Product manager Sébastien Thinnes:

“The new zone 2, Best Destinations, now bundles 20 instead of just 6 popular countries, and now applies to texts and calls in addition to surfing.”



Communication within the EU

Henceforth you can (receive) call(s), text and surf throughout the EU at the same rates as in Belgium. An example: you have a company in Kortrijk and a member of staff has to travel to Rome on a regular basis. Now she can communicate at the same rates as in Belgium: she simply uses the call and surf minutes included in her rate plan. When these are used up she calls and surfs at Belgian rates. This means you and your staff are no longer charged extra for communications within the EU zone.


Communications outside the EU and international calls

Outside the EU zone roaming charges continue to apply. The rate depends on the country you’re in and the country you’re calling to. And when you’re calling internationally (i.e. from one country to another) you are charged for an international call.


In short:

  • You’re calling to Italy from Italy: this is a national call, with roaming in the EU; there are no more roaming charges.
  • You’re calling from Italy to Belgium: this is a roaming conversation within the EU; there are no more roaming charges.
  • You’re calling from Belgium to Italy: this is an international call and you’re calling at the international rate.


Most important change in the zones

To determine the rate for roaming and international calls, Orange categorises countries into different zones. We have redefined these zones to coe closer to meeting the needs of our business clients. For starters, the zones for international calls and roaming are now identical.

The most important change is the fact that zone 2 (formerly EU Ext for data) now groups 20 instead of 6 popular countries. The zone was also renamed: Best Destinations. In this zone you call, text and surf advantageously.

These are the 20 countries in the Best Destinations zone: Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Cape Verde, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the US, South Africa and Switzerland.


Even cheaper thanks to our options

Do you spend a lot of time abroad or do you frequently call abroad? Then limit your charges for international calls and roaming thanks to our roaming options in the form of an Option or a Pass. On top of the volume included in your rate plan, you receive additional volume for roaming or international calls. You can easily activate this option yourself in the Customer Zone. 


Do your employees regularly go abroad? ?

Make sure to inform them about the most important modifications in roaming rates. We make it easy: download our roaming information sheet and email them to your staff.

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