Fix Corporate: telecom designed by your business


Your telecom infrastructure is becoming increasingly important for your company. Almost all your communication with your employees, clients, suppliers and third parties will take place using this network. With Fix Corporate from Orange, you have access to a convergent portfolio of data and fixed-telephony solutions that you can fully tune to the character of your organisation.


In short: you are the person who designs the ideal telecommunication solution. Of course, you won’t be left on your own but will receive professional help and support from our team of experts. A thorough, detailed analysis of your company environment will be made and translated into specific telecom needs. Based on this analysis, we will offer you a solution that perfectly meets your needs and desires. 


Convergence of network and telephone services

Fix Corporate from Orange is not just a flexible, but also a highly convergent solution. It means you no longer have to buy your network telephone equipment from two or three different suppliers or deal with the inevitable integration problems. We offer you a reliable, secured platform that seamlessly bundles all your speech and data traffic. 


Choose which service partners you would like to collaborate with 

The modularity of Fix Corporate translates into an open ecosystem. This means that you yourself can choose your partners for the integration of telecom projects and the management and maintenance of your own equipment (PBX, servers, etc.). You decide, now and in the future, which services you need and who will provide them. 


Rely on a highly dependable fibre-optic network

When you choose Fix Corporate , you choose certainty. For all network and telecom connections, Orange uses recognised, generally supported standard technologies like Ethernet, xDSL, fibre optics and mobile 3G (and very soon, 4G). What’s more, all fixed data solutions come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). To ensure this guarantee is fulfilled, the network is under the surveillance of an expert team 24/7. 


International coverage

Because Orange Belgium has an extensive network of international partners, Fix Corporate is also the ideal solution for clients with sites outside Belgium. Orange Belgium has, among others, a privileged collaborative relationship with Orange Business Services (OBS), which significantly increases the reliability of the contracts and the agreed SLAs. 


Would like to know more about what Fix Corporate can do for you? Just contact your Orange Account Manager or head to our business website for all the details.

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