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Orange offers you the full telecom package: mobile and fixed telephony, voice and data traffic and solutions regarding the Internet of Things. This fully convergent range of telecom possibilities awaits you. With our product mix, you can create solutions that grow along with your company. This allows you and your employees to be connected anywhere, at any time.

Everyone has a different way of working
Each employee has a specific task and specific needs when it comes to telecommunications. To offer everyone the same telephony and data package is therefore useless. That's why Orange developed a series of tariff formulas that meets every employee's expectations. Discover how the communications company Prophets used Shape to give each employee the right formula. Tom Willemkens of Prophets says: "With Shape we work the way we like to: quickly, smoothly and efficiently."

Convergent solutions
Another company that uses an advanced convergent solution is press agency Belga. "Orange developed a customised package with fixed and mobile telephony and data for us," says CIO Tom Wuytack.

Belga among other things uses VoIP Trunking to connect its IP VPN network with the Orange network. This channels telephony and data traffic from different locations through the same network, leading to a more efficient use of the IT infrastructure.

Internet of Things too
Orange is also the Belgian market leader in connecting equipment, the so-called Internet of Things. With an 'Internet of Things' customised solution, you can link your machines and sensors to your applications. Optimal business processes and beautiful business opportunities are the result. Discover what our 'Internet or Things' solutions  can do for you. Click here for the contact form.

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