Fixed or mobile? It makes no difference to your staff


Actually, it should not matter whether staff are using a fixed connection at the office or a mobile connection on the go. With the right technology, your staff will have the same options under all circumstances.

Mobile technology is a godsend for sales representatives, technicians and field engineers. Outside the office, they can use a smartphone or tablet to access all the information they need.

However, many companies are being very careful with mobile technology. They often feel the security risks are too high, as employees’ mobile devices are not protected by a firewall the way all the computers on the company network are.

Private APN

Orange tackles these concerns with IP VPN Everywhere. IP VPN Everywhere is a convergent solution that links your staff’s mobile devices to your IP VPN. All your staff’s SIM cards are grouped in a private Access Point Name (APN), which can only be accessed by your company's employees and is therefore completely separate from other users of the mobile network. This APN will automatically divert any mobile staff to your IP VPN to connect them to your corporate network.

This private APN gives your mobile staff secure access to your business applications and makes all your mobile staff’s network traffic go through your corporate firewall. This means that your smartphones and tablets are secured in the same way as your computers. It also allows you to give or refuse internet access to your mobile staff’s mobile devices. In short, IP VPN Everywhere seamlessly integrates your mobile staff into your company network.

The required fixed connection between your company network and the Orange IP VPN network can be achieved in two ways: either with a dedicated MPLS connection that is fully managed by Orange, or with a secure IP tunnel over the internet if you want to use your existing internet access.

Fixed Mobile Unification

Mobile voice calls can be integrated in your company network in the same way as your mobile data can. IRISnet, which manages and develops the telecommunication services of the Brussels Capital Region, integrated the Orange mobile network with its solution for IP telephony. Orange’s implementation was tailor-made for IRISnet.

This has allowed IRISnet to offer its business telephony solution to mobile users as well. The IPBX does not only communicate with fixed IP devices or VoIP software; it also communicates with mobile devices. This means that users will also receive calls to their fixed number on their mobile phones. And when they return the call with their mobile, the recipient will see their fixed number.

Thanks to Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU), mobile users also enjoy the benefits of a fixed telephone exchange and the integration with a roster calendar. This allows users to have incoming professional calls automatically forwarded to a colleague when on holiday.

The mobile users are integrated between the Orange network and IRISnet. This makes the solution fully transparent to IRISnet customers. No extra app is necessary, so IP telephony is possible on smartphones and traditional mobile phones and also improves your battery life.

Find out about the future of the corporate network here:

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