Forget about a sat nav. Coyote will show you the way.


 In this day and age, you and your employees can safely leave your sat nav at home. Coyote comes free with Shape Ultimate, Intense and Traveller and will have you driving around the world safely, well informed and without any worries.

The trend is clear: a survey of 1,200 Orange customers showed that half of the respondents prefer the digital navigation of their 4G smartphone to a traditional sat nav, and with good reason. As a source of information and communication, the smartphone is the perfect travel companion. Integrating the features of traditional sat navs in smartphones is simply the next logical step.


More than just navigation

Coyote will always show you the smartest route anytime and anywhere with maps that are constantly updated in 23 countries. But Coyote does so much more. It will send real-time traffic information from 5 million active Coyote users to your smartphone about traffic congestion, accidents, road works, fixed and mobile speed cameras, … You will see it all on your smartphone. You can also set your maximum speed and have Coyote warn you when you exceed your limit. Coyote is a clever, reliable co-pilot that will guide you through traffic in a safe, relaxed way.


No more stress behind the wheel

Say goodbye to stress behind the wheel and download the Coyote app from the App Store or Google Play. Downloading and using the app come free with the Shape Ultimate, Intense or Traveller rate plans. If you do not have these rate plans yet, consider an upgrade to save 11.95 euros including VAT on your Coyote use each month.

One final tip: your frequently used routes will be stored in your smartphone’s memory. If you enter your travel route in advance at home, you will use less data abroad and of course you no longer have to worry about roaming charges in the EU anyway.


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