Galaxy S10. Samsung’s comeback


While Samsung let Huawei take the initiative last year, they have now returned with a vengeance. With the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, Samsung is  once again pursuing the throne in the Android segment. Orange shows why their latest smartphone deserves it.

Groundbreaking design

What is so groundbreaking about the new model? The design! For example, the screen of the Galaxy S10 no longer has a notch for the front camera. Instead, it is embedded in a tiny hole in the screen, allowing for a larger screen with thinner edges. 


Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the screen

Also integrated into the screen: the fingerprint scanner. This technological highlight uses ultrasonic sound waves to determine whether you’re offering the right finger. Much more practical than a back fingerprint scanner. However, the back does offer three cameras with 16, 12 and 12 megapixels respectively. 

Samsung has also upgraded the facial recognition capacity. 3D sensors have replaced the slow and imprecise iris scanner. They measure the face in depth - for a faster and more accurate result.

The S10 is powered by Pie, the latest version of Android, for which Samsung has introduced a new skin: One UI. On the whole, it’s simpler and more transparent. The S10’s 128 GB internal memory (expandable to 512 GB) is a strong asset.  


More powerful battery

Those looking for more autonomy will be pleased with the new and powerful batteries. The S10 has a 3400 mAh battery under the cover (compared to 3000 in the S9); the larger (but more expensive) S10 Plus has 4100 mAh. Thanks to the new adapter the battery also charges more quickly. Another practical feature: the S10 can be used for the wireless charging of another device. And with a score of IP68, the device is fully waterproof.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the new standard in Android smartphones. Apart from the price (€743.79 and €826.44, excluding VAT ) we can see no downside here. Our advice: go out and buy one.


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