HD Voice represents crystal clear voice communication


The human voice covers a large frequency spectrum, from low to high. In addition, there is always the risk that voice communication will be interfered with by external, irritating noise, especially during conference calls.


Multiple benefits

HD Voice represents crystal clear voice communication, which efficiently eliminates background noise. As a result, the user experience is more enjoyable. HD Voice can better encode the human voice, more specifically its lowest and highest frequencies. To enjoy these advantages, all parties to a phone  conversation should use an HD compatible device, a feature included in all recent smartphone models.  

Furthermore, HD Voice is able to detect surrounding noises more precisely and to remove them. During long conference calls, HD Voice remarkably reduces annoyance, enhances the clarity of the conversation and improves productivity, especially because business trips can be avoided, thereby reducing the environmental impact, while enhancing the message of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

In addition, HD Voice is more refined and transfers, in a natural way, the emotions of the human voice. This improves comprehension for all the participants in a conversation. HD Voice gives you the feeling that you are speaking to someone next to you in the same room, instead of on the phone.



The HD Voice technology has been available since 2010 on all SIM cards for 3G networks and HD-compatible devices. This exists for the majority of all currently sold smartphones.

From 2014, Orange also made this feature available for 2G devices. As usual, this service is free of charge. However, HD Voice quality is only available for Orange clients using phones that are compatible with the technology.

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