How best to dispose of your old mobile devices


Every two to three years, you replace your mobile devices and you wonder: “How can I safely dispose of my old devices? Where can I get a good price? And is there a way to reduce my ecological footprint?”

Smartphones and tablets are important elements of a company’s digital transformation. They allow employees to work more efficiently, but they also present companies with new challenges. Every two to three years, you replace your mobile devices and you ask yourself: “Where do my old devices go? If you store them in a cupboard without really using them, you will not get the current value for them. And if you simply throw them in the bin, you will increase your ecological footprint.


The disposal of your old devices therefore presents you with a number of challenges. The Orange Business Buyback service will help you respond to OR meet them.

Worry-free disposal

If you need to dispose of more than 10 devices, our partner Comparecycle will collect your old devices and analyse their condition. You will then receive a price offer for your old devices. If you accept the offer, we will give you a discount for the value of the offer price on the purchase of your new devices. If you need to dispose of less than 10 devices, you can simply take them to one of our shops to receive your part exchange discount when you buy your new devices.


Competitive price

Our partner Comparecycle offers a platform to certified recycling companies, who will bid on your mobile devices. This ensures that you will receive a competitive price for them.


Professionally erased

Comparecycle will professionally erase your devices to ensure no sensitive company data is left on them. All digital traces of your use will be erased, so your data can never end up in the wrong hands.


Reused and recycled

Any devices that still work will be erased and then sold on as second-hand devices. If the devices no longer work, they will be fixed and sold, if possible. If the devices can no longer be fixed or if the repair is too expensive, the recycling company will dismantle them. The company will keep the parts that still work – such as the camera and storage hardware – for repair purposes. It will sell any raw materials such as gold, silver, copper and palladium.


If you have any further questions on Business Buyback, your Orange Account Manager will be happy to help you.

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