How can you keep team spirit alive from a distance?


Your employees no longer see each other in real life. How can you make sure you don’t lose that friendly atmosphere?

Lots of teleworkers miss interacting socially with their colleagues. How do you make sure they can stay in touch and keep their team spirit alive?

  • Set up a private group on Facebook or WhatsApp: create a relaxed place online where they can swap jokes, sporting achievements, lunch ideas, etc. Good vibes only!
  • Start the day together: begin each morning with an online kick-off with the team. Say hello to each other, go over the day’s schedule and plan appointments. That way, the whole team launches into the working day together.
  • Is it Friday? That calls for an e-aperitif! Lifesize, Webex and Teams aren’t just useful for meetings—they’re also ideal for letting off steam together at the end of the week. 
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