How do you keep your smartphone virus-free?


You’re constantly touching your smartphone, making it the perfect place for the virus to launch from. How do you make your device corona-proof?


The solution for a clean smartphone? Alcohol wipes with 70 % isopropyl alcohol.
Only use alcohol wipes on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Important: Turn off your device, remove all cables and take it out of the case before you start.


No alcohol wipes at home? Work with water, (household) soap and dusting cloths.
Follow the instructions below:

Fill a bowl with warm water and soap.
Dampen your dusting cloth and wipe it softly across the smartphone.
Then dry off your smartphone with a clean microfibre towel. Leave your device to dry until there’s not a single trace of moisture left.


Make sure you don’t let any moisture into the openings of your smartphone.
And of course, while you’re doing this, it’s best to also clean the case. 

Keep your smartphone away from sprays, bleaches, abrasives and other cleaning agents. They do more harm than good.


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