The investments Orange is making for a better network


150 million euro for the coming three years. At Orange, we plan to invest this amount in the further development of our mobile network. This sum is in addition to the 100 million euro that we already invest in our network every year.


In other words, we are talking about an investment of almost a half-billion euro in just three years. It looks gigantic. And it is too! We are committing ourselves to the further development of 4G. In doing so, we are responding to our clients’ sharp increase in the use of mobile data on tablets and smartphones. 


Higher speed and capacity

We ensure that the capacity and speed will continue to increase for you. This isn’t always easy. Just think about the legal requirements such as radiation standards or building regulations. While they certainly make our work more complex, they also make it more challenging. 


Already efficient

There are two things that demonstrate this perfectly. On the one hand, we will continue to optimise our existing speech and data networks, such as 2G and 3G, over the coming weeks, months and years. On the other hand, our current mobile network is already efficient when measured against current standards.
Independent research confirms that we are currently the second best performing mobile operator in Belgium, and this is in both, speech and data traffic.


The best by 2015

What is good today will be even better tomorrow. Our goal is to be the best mobile operator in Belgium by 2015. It fits perfectly with our ultimate goal: an (even more) satisfied client.


Gabriel Flichy, Chief Network Officer at Orange



Read all about the new generation in mobile connectivity in the latest edition of our magazine.



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