Larger screens and firmware enrichment


With the advent of the latest generation flagships like the recent Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10, there are two trends on the horizon, according to Stephan Doucelin, Devices Director at Orange Belgium. The new smartphones have more usable screen area and richer firmware.

Larger screens

"Although devices are no bigger, we see screens that are larger than 5 inches," says Devices Director at Orange Belgium, Stephan Doucelin. That's because manufacturers optimize the use of the screen in their flagship, high-end models. "Instead of an unused edge, you now get a “sloping” screen, especially laterally. So the screen size increases with the same device size."


Progress in firmware

In addition to the larger screens, Stephan Doucelin also credits richer firmware. Firmware is the software that allows smartphones, tablets and computers to operate. An example is the operating system (e.g. Android or iOS). Various applications in the field of security and open source upgrades of Android or iOS are also included in the firmware.The integration of the Google Assistant is a good example of this richer software.


Conversing with your smartphone

The Google Assistant uses various features of the device to improve user experience. For instance you can give commands using built-in voice recognition, such as: "Send a picture from my contacts to Mike by text message." Google Assistant uses Google's algorithm for language and speech technology, which makes two-way interaction, or, real conversations, possible. The difference with Apple Siri is that your smartphone performs various tasks via Google Assistant, which yields a significant result.


Screen splitting

Stephan Doucelin adds: "Another useful development is that (partly due to the increased usable area of the screen) multiscreen multitasking is now really within reach. With the advent of 10 iOS and, certainly for Android devices, the new Android operating system Nougat, we now see mature multitasking systems. In other words, you can run different applications effortlessly, for example email and WhatsApp and see them both on your screen."


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