Mobile data and economic growth: a strong marriage


Orange studied the relationship between the use of mobile data in companies and the economic situation. What did we find? Mobile data and economic growth are closely connected, and mobile data constitute an important weapon in the war for talent. 

It looks like 2018 will see solid economic growth. The question that we asked ourselves was: how do things stand with regard to data power in Belgian companies? The answers of those who participated in our survey made clear: mobile data will help you and your organisation to achieve this growth.

1. Mobile data and economic growth are closely connected

Thanks to the improving economy, companies are using more mobile data. We saw that come up in many responses, such as "For us, more work means a greater need for mobile data" and "Our mobile data volumes have doubled".

This close connection between mobile data and economic growth also works in the other direction: companies that can use mobile data everywhere and at all times are in the best position to benefit from the economic growth. We see that understanding in many responses in our survey, such as "I have all of the information at hand, wherever I might happen to be" and "We can be more responsive for our customers". Employees can thus perform better, thanks to a larger quantity of mobile data.

2. Mobile data as a weapon in the war for talent

In the year 2018, almost everyone expects to be connected without limitations, everywhere and at all times. As one person in our study strikingly put it: "Both in private life and professionally, having a mobile connection without limitations is progressively winning its place on the list of demands of candidates and employees, even more firmly than the home internet connection of years past."

Companies that offer their employees a high availability of mobile data and high data volumes thus also profile themselves as an employer in the _war for talent_. A mobile data subscription even delivers a double advantage, someone in our study argues: "Firstly, it is a financial benefit with which we can attract talent, and secondly it is a great comfort for the employee, who can work at whatever location he happens to be."

Give your company a boost with these apps

The participants in our study are clearly very active users of mobile apps. Social networking apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp are popular, but also the collaboration software Slack, e-mail, Waze in order to avoid traffic jams and apps for mobile banking. Apps such as Salesforce, Showpad, HubSpot, Yadera and Teamleader are also mentioned. Let yourself be inspired by the app use of the participants and support your growth with these indispensable apps.

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