No attachments. Always connected. The ‘phygital nomads’.


How do we work today? In a mobile way. How will we work tomorrow? In an even more mobile way! Let go of any out-dated ideas about work, because the phygital nomads are coming.The office of the future will be wherever they open their laptops. 

A laptop, a reliable broadband connection and themselves. That is all the new, up-and-coming, ultra-mobile workers need to do their thing. These young talents can hardly imagine a world without (mobile) internet. That is why they are making a clean break from the old ways of working. Spending an entire life at the same office from 9 to 5 by commuting there and back every day is not for them. Their new way of working is all about doing intellectual labour where and when they like: at home, at the local café or anywhere else they find a suitable spot. And it’s about the internet, of course. From a physical point of view, the mobile, digital revolution has made these workers a new type of nomad. Hence the term phygital nomads.


‘The office’ no longer exists. The community has arrived.

Some of the new ultra-mobile workers may be satisfied with as little as a tent, but most will prefer a bit more comfort: a desk to stand or sit at, preferably in an environment that is buzzing at the same frequency as they are and that may offer them some useful and/or fun contacts.

Smart entrepreneurs fully understand the impact this will have on the commercial real estate market. The 'new way of working' will revolutionise companies’ organisation of the workplace. Various solutions are presented, from well-known co-working spaces to Airbnb-likeformulas that allow businesses to rent out any excess workspaces to entire networks or communities on an ad hoc basis. This offers not only physical workspace, but also opportunities for intellectual cross-fertilisation. 

Be that as it may, the success of such a formula is based on one crucial factor: broadband internet access. The specifications for both the phygital nomads and those who offer them a place to work only needs to contain a single item: a continuous, fast and secure connection to the World Wide Web in general and thecloud in particular. 


Bent u een phygital nomad?

Do you see yourself as a phygital nomad? If you do, then first and foremost, you should be 100 % self-supporting. Even with no Wi-Fi around, you should be able to get on with your work with just your smartphone, tablet and laptop. 4G is a prerequisite for running your apps, saving your files in the cloud and so on. Of course you’re already looking forward to 5G: speed and security are paramount.

See here what you need to get on with your work anytime and anywhere.


Who gives phygital nomads a place to work?

Entrepreneurs who want to offer phygital nomads a place to work are all facing the same challenge, albeit on a different scale. A fast, secure broadband connection (fixed, mobile or both, possibly complemented by fixed telephony) and a high-performance Wi-Fi network throughout the company site are must-haves. 

If companies with different sites or satellite offices want to offer their employees more flexible ways of working, they also need to get ready. A multi-site network for (VoIP) telephony with number portability and high-speed internet access will ensure that employees can always be reached and have access to the company network from anywhere within the company's periphery. Converged (fixed and mobile) unified communications are the right solution in that case.

Whether you are giving phygital nomads a place to work or you are offering your employees flexible working methods, it is important to ensure that their access to your business infrastructure is set up in a controlled and secure way. Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes it easy for you to manage the use of apps, Wi-Fi and other infrastructure and to adjust users’ real-time access rights.

Discover the complete solution for companies that welcome phygital nomads here .

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