The Olympic standard for telecoms operators


Beltug, the association of ICT managers, has published its ICT market trends report. Amongst others, the lengthy report discusses the criteria SMEs use to select a telecoms operator. Let’s take a closer look at the main results.

Who decides?

In SMEs (with up to 50 employees), general management usually decides (68%) which telecoms provider the company works with. The Beltug survey reviewed close to a dozen criteria and came to the following conclusions.


Mobile more important than fixed

Price and the quality of the mobile and fixed network are the three top criteria used to evaluate a telecoms operator. Customer service is a distant fourth. Also striking is the fact that mobile slightly outweighs fixed telephony, confirming the overall trend. Beltug considers these four criteria as the "Olympic standard" that telecoms operators must meet to even be in the running. Orange’s strong 4G network is definitely an asset here.


Personal contact

In addition to these four critical success factors, the Beltug survey reveals that SMEs also attach importance to personal contact via an account manager as well as the presence of a dedicated contact centre. 41% of SMEs with up to 10 employees describe this resource as fairly to very important. Amongst companies with 11 to 50 staff members, the percentage climbs to 68%.

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Source: BELTUG, Belgian Association of Digital Technology Leaders, ICT Market Trends Survey, 2016

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