Orange: a full-fledged player in business market


Orange ranks second in the business market, in both fixed and in mobile telephony. This is the conclusion of a market survey in which Beltug collaborated with the leading telecoms companies in our country. “This collaboration has given us a unique insight into the Belgian ICT landscape, with accurate figures for the Belgian market”, says Danielle Jacobs, manager at Beltug, the association of professional ICT users in our country.


Fixed and mobile

If we take a closer look at the results for fixed telephony in companies with over 200 staff, Orange is a comfortable second with a market share of 13 percent.

In the case of mobile communication, which includes both speech and data traffic, the company’s second place is even more secure (23 percent). 


Internet and company networks

Orange also has a strong presence in the business market for internet connections, data networks and company networks. The Beltug survey shows that Orange currently ranks third in the category of companies with over 200 staff. In the category of companies with over 500 staff, Orange is challenging for second place in the company network market.

In other words, Orange is a force to be reckoned with in the Belgian business market. This goes for fixed and mobile telephony, as well as for data traffic and company networks. Frank De Weser, Director B2B Marketing at Orange, states that “these results confirm once again that the convergent offer of fixed, mobile, speech and data has made Orange a more than viable option for the business market."


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ENG: Source: BELTUG, Belgian Association of Digital Technology Leaders, ICT Market Trends Survey, 2016

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