Orange plays a part in defining international strategy


When it comes to international communication, whether it’s speech or data, Orange is a clear trendsetter. "Years ago, Orange, then known as Mobistar, was one of the first in Europe with an innovative offer for roaming. And ‘Shape’, our new offer for the business market, also includes roaming," says François Verzele, Manager for Interconnection & Roaming at Orange.

Orange in the hot seat for international communication

International communication is becoming ever more crucial for the average Belgian company. Even if it’s only in geographical terms. "Belgium is situated in the centre of Europe. For our clients, the borders of the country are never far away. Cities like Antwerp or Kortrijk are extremely close to international borders," explains François Verzele. "Plus, with all the conferences and meetings taking place in a capital city in Europe, there are also very many foreign visitors. For this reason, Orange has an unusually strong international focus." Besides this, there are also the market outlooks. "People will keep travelling, even more so than now. Companies will become more mobile and work in a more international manner. Sometimes it might be relatively close by, but it will also be at greater distances from home," predicts François Verzele.



Orange plays an important role in this international story. "Orange has the great advantage of being the only Belgian operator that is truly  part of an international group. It means we can offer our clients the guarantee of a high quality worldwide connection," he says. "We play our part in defining the strategy of a worldwide worldwide multinational."

François Verzele emphasises the importance of a high quality connection, at all times, including in and with foreign countries. "We are the first provider in Belgium that offers roaming 4G to our clients and visitors. It’s not yet the case for all countries, but the goal is to quickly increase the number." It also goes further than technical expertise. He stresses that Orange has access to an extensive portfolio of partnerships and roaming agreements. 



François Verzele applauds the plans of the EU to lower the roaming tariffs even further. "But we don’t want to stop there. Because communication, and therefore roaming as well, doesn’t stop with the 28 countries in the EU. It’s why we also have attractive commercial offers for the USA and Switzerland, and for popular destinations such as Turkey and Tunisia," he explains. ‘In 2007, Orange, then operating in Belgium as Mobistar, was already one of the first in Europe with an innovative offer based around roaming. And with Shape, which is the name for our current offer for the business market, roaming is included. Just like in our Panther solution for the SoHo and the consumer markets. Companies and end-clients are in good hands with us."



In perfect comfort on a business trip
thanks to Shape from Orange

As part of its Shape solution, as well as free SMS texts and calls to fixed lines and Orange numbers in Belgium, Orange offers two formulas for mobile communication abroad. These are called Shape International and Shape Traveller, respectively costing €42 per month (€44 - €2 discovery discount) and €56 per month (€58 - €2 discovery discount). You get a lot for your money. With Shape Traveller for example, you can make ten hours of calls to Europe+ and telephone within the Europe+ region for 500 minutes. You’ll also receive over 250MB of data traffic within Europe+ and within the so-called Extended Zone, with countries like the USA, Switzerland, Turkey and Morocco. In this way, you, or your staff members, can head off on a business trip with nothing to worry about. Shape also allows you to change the tariff plan of all your workers for free every month.

Other options for abroad:

With Roaming Europe Traveller, for €20 per month (excluding VAT) on top of your mobile subscription, you’ll receive a bundle with 120 minutes of calling time or SMS texts to or from Europe+. There is also 100 minutes of data within Europe+ and the Extended Zone included. Would you like to be able to surf sporadically within Europe and the Extended Zone? Roaming Internet Daily offers you mobile Internet from €4.13 per day that you use it, providing you with a 50MB bundle.

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