Orange services for work-life balance


There are diverse services that Orange offers to keep the work-life balance of you and your staff members in perfect equilibrium.


Manage your costs

With Invoice Split, private and professional calls can be kept separate. You receive two invoices: one for the company and one for your staff member.  You decide in advance what part of the mobile phone invoice you will pay.


Manage your fleet

Using vouchers from Orange, your staff members can choose their devices themselves. “We have arranged that the purchase of our mobile phones and Smartphones is outsourced to Orange, on the basis of their voucher system,” says Harold Ryckaert, CIO at SD Worx.  “It is a handy system, for both a company and its staff. The voucher sets an amount. If staff members want to buy devices that go over that amount, it’s possible.  But they need to pay the extra costs themselves.”

The voucher system is not a standard solution and is only implemented to meet the needs of the company. Besides this, Orange will soon offer an option called ‘Mobile Device Management’ to help businesses with the management and security of devices. 


Manage your services

Orange takes work-life balance into consideration with its online services as well. They contain scores of services for the management of devices, the activation of cards and services, SIM card replacement and the analysis and optimisation of communication traffic. In addition, it is also important that the maintenance and management of your mobile phones takes place quickly and easily. The Orange Comfort Services, like Hardware Care or Mobile Phone Clinic, help with this. In short, you can call on Orange services, wherever and whenever, for the purchase, use, repair and management of your mobile devices.


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