Orange simplifies your mobile working


Mobile working is on the rise. Orange makes it easy for you to work more flexibly, efficiently and creatively, wherever you are. Check out these three comfort services.

1. Use your data volume on multiple devices

Is your office the place you flip open your laptop or pull out your tablet? Then the Surf Extra Card is sure to come in handy. With this card you can use your mobile subscription to surf on your tablet or laptop. The available data volume is automatically distributed across all your devices. Do you benefit from unlimited data with Shape Intense or Shape Traveller? Then the Surf Extra Card is a free extra for you. 

Use the Surf Extra Card in Belgium and within the EU (roaming). Are you a Shape Traveller? Your card gives you 3GB of data to use on any of your devices in any countries in the Best Destinations Zone.

Apply for your Surf Extra Card in your Customer Zone or call Business Support at 5995.


2. Listen to voicemail with a single swipe

You’ve just come out of a meeting and you’ve missed a few calls. Now you need to call your voicemail and wade through every single message.  Let’s say you may miss the odd snippet here and there. What do you do? Start over?

With Visual Voicemail, you directly see and manage all your messages on your smartphone, without having to call your voicemail first. Rewind, pause and fast forward your messages as if they were sound recordings. Of course, you’re able to save an unlimited number of messages. Listen to your messages in the order that you prefer. Plus, it’s easier than ever to call or text back a correspondent.

This service is free in Belgium and the EU and is included in all mobile subscriptions. Activate Visual Voicemail via the My Orange app, in the customer zone or at your local Orange shop


3. Virtual meetings with up to 6 participants

New technologies allow us to work from any random location. Audio and video conferences make it easy to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. However, they often require you to buy and install special tools or apps.

Orange Shape customers have a free comfort service Conference Call. It allows you to set up group calls with up to 6 participants via your smartphone. All you need to do is call the participants and link them to you in a single conversation. No apps or additional equipment required. Use Conference Call to call fixed and mobile numbers, both in Belgium and abroad. Telephone meetings with customers, suppliers and staff have never been so easy!

And you don’t have to do anything... This comfort service is activated automatically on all your devices.


Find out how Conference Call works.

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