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Orange is an international group with 263 million customers in 29 countries. You therefore benefit from the international purchasing power and the innovative capacity of a global player in telecommunications.

No other telecom operator in our country is as internationally oriented as Orange. This makes Orange the ideal partner for a company with international ambitions, foreign offices or employees who regularly travel abroad.

Available anywhere
"We have employees who travel across entire continents. Among other things, they always need to be able to access the CRM system on their iPad, according to Irush Vrioni of Zoetis, which produces and distributes drugs and vaccines for animals. "In other words, roaming is really crucial for us."

Thanks to Orange, Zoetis employees operating abroad can work as if they were in their own office regardless of their location. "We also have frequent interactive meetings, which work flawlessly," says Irush Vrioni.

Roaming solutions
Call, text or surf anywhere in the world: Orange roaming solutions always offer you the most attractive rates. Orange has solutions for frequent roamers and for occasional roamers. Interested in one of our roaming options? You can easily activate them in your Client Zone, or contact your account manager.

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