Seven essential apps for business travel


Travelling for work takes up a lot of your energy. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of clever travel apps for business travellers, which will help them keep a cool head while doing business. From this wide range of travel apps, we’ve selected seven, which we consider essential for your next trip.

Xpenditure automates paper receipts 

Paper receipts: they drive you and your employees crazy, and it’s even worse for your accountant. Xpenditure means the end of tedious paperwork by automating the whole receipt handling process from approval to accounts. You scan each receipt with you smartphone, which then forwards it. Xpenditure does the rest. You can download Xpenditure from Google Play. Forwarding within Europe is the same as if you were in Belgium, because there are no roaming charges within the EU.


TripIt plans your trip

Planning your business trip? Send your confirmation email from your bookings to TripIt. The app will process them into one itinerary that you can consult with your smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are. TripIt is a freemium: the basic features are free. TripIt Pro is a paying app and offers more features. TripIt is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Follow the status of your flight with FlightAware 

There are many "flight trackers", but FlightAware is the most user-friendly and you can consult the navigation in Dutch. FlightAware is especially useful for monitoring delays and cancellations in real time. FlightAware is free, but paying for the upgrade gives you more features. 


With Hotel Tonight, you always find a room 

You forgot to book a room? Overbooked hotel? No sweat, Hotel Tonight collects all last minute availabilities at hotels and proposes them to you under very interesting conditions. This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.


AwardWallet keeps track of miles and points

Those who travel a lot benefit from loyalty programs. From frequent flyer miles to hotel and credit card points. AwardWallet keeps track of them all for you (also your customer numbers and passwords) and will notify you when your points expire. AwardWallet is completely free. Simple registration is sufficient.


Your employees monitor their own call and data use 

In the My Orange app, your staff can consult their call and data volumes when they are abroad for work. Useful if they want to download something extra at no additional cost. 


Onavo Protect keeps an eye on your other apps 

Apps can use quite a bit of data even when they are not active. Onavo Protect warns you when your apps use too much data while protecting your personal information. Onavo Extend compresses your mobile data as much as possible, allowing you to get more with your data volume. This app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Your business trips will go a lot more efficiently if you have the right mobile apps. With Shape & Fix, as of 20 November 2017 you’ll even enjoy twice as much mobile data in Belgium and the EU. If you travel outside the EU frequently, roaming remains advantageous with the appropriate option or pass.

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