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Do some of your staff call an awful lot and would you like to give them an awful lot of call time? Then now is your chance. Thanks to Shape Plus by Orange there are no limits.

For many of your staff the Shape Basic tariff plan is an excellent choice. But what about staff members with an explicitly commercial or coordinating function, who spend lots of time on the phone? Orange has the appropriate tariff plan for every profile. Including for those who spend lots and lots of time on the phone. Now you can give them Shape Plus. For €8 more they get unlimited calls in Belgium and the European Union.

With Shape Plus you save on the telecom invoice of the employees who call most frequently. Since mobile Skype, Whatsapp and other applications can not be left out of the current B2B communication picture, Shape Plus also gives you three times more data volume.

So are you supposed to check tons of invoices to verify whether your staff members exceed the call allowance included in their tariff plan? We have good news for you. We monitor the minutes used by your employees and look for the best rate for each of them.

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