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Orange feels it is important to honour growing companies, which is why we are a partner of the Trends Gazelles awards.

What are the Trends Gazelles awards?

Trends Gazelles are fast-growing companies that are an integral part of the Belgian economic landscape. Each and every one of these competitive companies has a positive impact on the business climate in its region: they generate power for innovation and employment and they are inspiring role models for other companies. Business and finance magazine Trends selects 255 Trends Gazelles in each Belgian province each year.


Why does Orange support the Trends Gazelles?

Despite fierce competition, Orange itself continues to grow. We grow because we constantly challenge the market and we dare to go beyond the standard solutions. Companies that achieve strong growth also occasionally step outside the box and explore new horizons. That is exactly why we identify with the Trends Gazelles.

A growing company is great, but the true challenge is to consolidate that growth, and for that you need the right partner. Trends is a leading player in the B2B media, which is another reason why we partnered up with the organisation.


Data is crucial for growth

We know that forward-looking companies put data at the heart of their strategy. Orange offers a whole range of solutions to support companies in that respect, from capture to transport to in-depth data analysis. We are also constantly integrating new applications. The recent integration of ICT solutions in our portfolio has made us a one-stop-shop for many Belgian companies. We never forget to consider our employees in all this, of course. The satisfaction of our customers and our employees is crucial to us.



Trends Gazelles kick-off at the Orange head office

All Trends Gazelles nominees are celebrated at an event in their own province. These regional Trends Gazelles awards are completely free and are attended only by the nominees and the representatives of partners such as Orange. They are the perfect opportunity to network and exchange ideas, to inspire and be inspired. Orange is hosting the first regional event on 5 February at its Brussels head office.


Orange, the perfect choice for growth companies

If you are a growth company looking for a strong ICT partner, Orange is the perfect choice for you.



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