These are the 10 jobs of the future

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The initial fear that increased automation and robotisation would lead to massive job losses has been left in the past. Nevertheless, many jobs are about to change and some new jobs are emerging. We give you ten examples.

Consultancy agency McKinsey recently estimated that 10% of all jobs would disappear as a result of digitalisation. But they also believe that new jobs will replace the redundant ones. Employer organisation and trade association Agoria calculated that 3.7 new jobs will be created for every job lost in the future.

Together with employment mediators VDAB, Forem and Actiris, in a recent report, it predicted labour market trends until 2030. According to Agoria, digitalisation will have an impact on the content of almost every job, at all levels. However, competencies associated with social skills and creativity will also remain important. Based on Agoria’s findings and those of Belgian employer branding periodical MARK Magazine, we present a selection of fields and jobs that did not exist—or barely existed ten years ago—but that will now grow.


1. Data specialist

The amount of digital data we produce is increasing rapidly every year. Partly because of this, there is a need for professionals who specialise in analysing and processing large amounts of data.


2. App developer

Today, the Apple and Android app stores offer millions of apps. The need for developers specialised in apps for mobile devices will continue to grow.


3. Social media manager

It’s difficult to imagine a future in which there is no social media. Companies are planning their approach in this area and will need a social media manager, or someone fulfilling a similar role. Meanwhile, the demand for social media content continues to grow.


4. Sustainability manager

More and more companies are appointing sustainability managers or teams. They draw up strategies and guidelines for making their operations more sustainable


5. Digital care

Hospitals and medical care providers are increasingly focused on ways to remotely help patients. This also requires specific expertise. Also: 


6. Drone operator

More and more companies currently have (qualified) drone operators for specific types of transport or for capturing aerial images.


7. Transportation planner

Our busy roads are also creating new opportunities and jobs. A transportation planner calculates routes and related plans using all kinds of (IoT) applications. Orange already revolutionises parking management with our smart parking app


8. Cloud specialist

Just ten years ago, the cloud emerged as a way of making software and hardware outside the organisation available in several locations. Today, organisations need cloud managers and cloud engineers.


9. YouTube content creator

More and more companies are establishing their own YouTube channels, a trend that requires strategists and vloggers.


10. Technicians for autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars are coming. Their further breakthrough will require traffic specialists and technicians.


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