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Since June 11th, there have been a lot of changes in international telecom traffic. The abolition of roaming costs within the EU Zone also applies to the use of services such as Coyote, Airbox Auto, and Conference Call. In addition, we've modified some roaming options to better meet your actual needs. Here are some tips and tricks to fully enjoy the new roaming landscape.


Transform your car in aTranTransform your car into a travelling office 

Are you or your employees travelling by car with colleagues or the family? Then use the Surf Extra Card (included with Shape Intense and Shape Traveller). In combination with your Airbox Auto, connected to your cigarette lighter, you can set up a Wi-Fi network with as many as 10 connections in your car. This allows you to share the data volume included in your mobile subscription with other devices, and your passengers will be able to keep on working or browsing the web. 

Practical: you can charge your mobile device at the same time via the USB port.


Virtual conferencing has never been so cheap 

Conference Call in the EU has become much cheaper because of the abolition of roaming costs. Now you and your employees can have free conference calls, no matter where you travel in the European Union. 

Did you know that you could make Conference Calls with up to six people simultaneously?


Safe and cheap on the European roads this summer 

With Coyote – a navigation service providing real-time traffic information – you’re relaxed behind the wheel. Coyote – now included in Shape Ultimate – automatically adapts to the local regulations. A very reassuring feeling, if you enter France, for example. 

Tip: Roadmaps are stored in the cache memory of your smartphone. Enter your itinerary at home so that you consume less data volume on the road.


With Travel Data Control, you monitor your costs 

You or your employees will never face unpleasant surprises when using mobile internet abroad. By default, Travel Data Control sets a limit of 50 euros outside of the bundle for mobile data abroad on all SIM cards. Your employees will be notified when 80% and 100% of their limit is reached. At 100% the data connection is blocked. You can adjust or even cancel this limit on all or some of the SIM cards via your Customer Zone on our website or through Customer Service.

Do your employees have a personal data volume thanks to Invoice Split? Then they can manage their data volume through the My Orange app.

Practical: Travel Data Control is activated automatically.


Choose the right roaming options

Since June 11, some roaming options have expired and have been replaced by others. The following rate plans are available as both Option and Pass:

  • Traveller: Additional data volume, call time and text messages in the EU Zone and in the 20 countries of the Best Destinations zone
  • World Traveller: Additional data volume and text messages all around the world
  • Traveller Data: Additional data volume in the EU Zone and in the 20 countries of the Best Destinations zone


Do your employees regularly go abroad?

Make sure to inform them about the most important modifications in roaming rates. We make it easy: download our roaming information sheet and email them to your staff.

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