Travelling abroad worry-free


Do you also worry about your next telecom bill as you’re boarding that plane? There’s no need. A visit to one or several EU countries has never been easier on your budget thanks to our services and the new roaming legislation. 

There’s no need to worry as you’re packing your bags – or better yet, as you’re unpacking them upon your return. You can return home from your business trip without a care in the world. Why? Because we can give you four assurances:


Assurance 1.

Roaming charges in the EU abolished

That’s the first bit of good news. Mobile roaming charges in the EU were abolished at the start of summer. This means that mobile communications in other countries are now charged at Belgian rates and are simply deducted from your national call bundle. In other words, calling, texting and surfing within the EU is charged as if you were in Belgium. Remark: roaming charges have been abolished in all 28 countries of the EU but this does not include such countries as Switzerland or Andorra.


Assurance 2.

The most suitable rate plan

What about data traffic costs? For Shape customers who frequently travel abroad we recommend the Shape Traveller option. On top of unlimited calls and texts you get up to 10 GB of data volume per month within the EU. Outside the EU you also get 3,000 minutes and 3 GB to so-called “Best Destinations” such as Switzerland, the US, Russia, Egypt and Australia.

Not sure which rate plan you have? End users can check this via the My Orange app or in the Customer Zone on the website. Fleet managers responsible for their company’s telecoms management will find a detailed overview in the Customer Zone.


Assurance 3.

Monitor your own usage

This is the third step to help you sleep soundly because thanks to the Orange app you always know exactly how much data you’ve used up, even abroad.


Assurance 4.

Take full advantage of our benefits

We frequently adapt our rate plans to your needs. Just recently, we doubled the data volume of the Shape formulas within the Shape & Fix rate plan thanks to Data Bonus. Until recently you could surf up to 10 GB per month but now we’ve doubled this national volume – to be used throughout the EU, of course.

In addition we also have the interesting Business Everywhere 100 GB offer, intended especially for intensive data usage in EU countries. No other Belgian telecom operator offers such a comprehensive package: with 100 GB even the most intensive users will find it hard to exceed their rate plan limit. This monthly option is available with the Shape Intense and Shape Traveller rate plans or – for larger companies – with the Shape Corporate rate plan or the Business Everywhere Ultimate data bundle. To activate Business Everywhere 100 GB simply contact your fleet manager, and he will take care of the rest.

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