Two experts from Orange discuss your path to Enterprise Mobility


The current explosive increase in smartphones and tablets forms the basis of what really matters in your company: Enterprise Mobility, where your staff members and company processes go mobile. "With productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction as promises."


Two experts from Orange have their say:


Jean-François Metais,

Marketing Program Manager at Orange

1. What does Enterprise Mobility have for businesses and what can it offer them?

"Mobility has recently undergone a complete transformation, even in companies. In the past, people saw telecommunications as pure costs, with connectivity paramount. But over time, it has become a key factor in your policy. We have noticed that smartphones and tablets and the related apps are becoming more important in companies and for the end-user in particular. Until recently, mobile telephony was considered an expenditure. Today, it can provide a boost in the productivity and efficiency of your internal staff members, with a real return on investment. But it’s more than that. Because at the same time, thanks to applications that can directly connect your clients with your company and your products, Enterprise Mobility is a gigantic opportunity to improve your client experience and satisfaction."


2. What role does Orange play in Enterprise Mobility?

"We want to guide our clients on the road to Enterprise Mobility, in the mobilisation of their entire organisation and their processes. We know that this won’t happen overnight. As a specialist in mobility, we offer every building block, including strategic supervision, to forge this transformation. For this, we work with a whole ecosystem of partners. This means we have all the knowledge and every competence needed to mobilise your business and its processes."


3. According to you, what are the most important
building blocks in the Orange Enterprise Mobility offer?

"Network connectivity is the foundation. That’s undisputable. Today it’s 3G, tomorrow it will be 4G. Extensive cover and high bandwidth are therefore priorities. On top of that, we offer a portfolio of mobile applications with related services. Another key point is in the applications that manage and secure these devices and their data. It is not just about connecting people and mobile devices, but also about connecting machines, the so-called M2M. And the last building block represents the management of the applications, and the platform used to integrate them in your organisation. We offer the building blocks integrated, with customer support serving as the glue between the layers; with Orange as a single point of contact for your organisation."



Pierre Demarets,

B2B Marketing Manager at Orange


1. Do you see Enterprise Mobility as one of the biggest driving forces for mobile and convergent networks? 

"The mobilisation of company processes and the exponential increase of data traffic have produced increased pressure on the network. While Enterprise Mobility is not about large files by definition–with M2M we sometimes talk about a few kilobytes in a session–there are certainly some demands for new applications, such as the streaming of video and direct access to business files. Of course, the coverage and capacity of your mobile network are guaranteed, but you also need to be able to support them on a central high-performance network."

"In 2013, Orange, still operating in Belgium as Mobistar at the time, also committed to investing no less than an additional 150 million euro in its network and to have 4G ready more quickly. The strong link between fixed and mobile networks is reflected with our portfolio of B2B solutions. It is about the exchange between fixed and mobile, but also the Fix Corporate solution Orange offers, which focuses on the convergence between fixed and mobile networks."


2. Are there specific network requirements for Enterprise Mobility and to what degree will they possibly change?

"To fully enjoy the mobilisation of business processes, it is important that the maximum number of users be mobilised. Just as we ‘liberated’ mobile communication a number of years ago with the introduction of our Fleet concept (free calls between colleagues), we want the mobile offer to be adjusted to the expectations of Enterprise Mobility, with mobile data at a competitive price. With our so-called shared bundles, which allow companies to always stay within their pre-determined budgets. With applications like our own Business Zone, which help companies to control their costs. And, because business doesn’t stop at the border, with specific roaming rates for staff members who sporadically or regularly travel abroad. As Jean-François already said: thanks to our ecosystem
of partners, we help our clients with devices, fleet-management applications or sector-specific applications."


3. What, according to you, are the most important mobile applications in the professional world? Where will Enterprise Mobility appear the most?

"Actually everywhere, because more and more companies are looking at and considering Enterprise Mobility. This means both horizontal and vertical applications. If you see which business applications are currently going mobile the most, you’ll note that sales teams or field technicians most frequently receive their assignments and documentation on mobile devices. Plus, there are more advanced applications being installed by very specific professions. By taxi drivers, for instance, or representatives of public authorities that record offences. They can add a secured photo with geo-tagging and immediately send the official report. Clients feel the benefits of the mobilisation of their processes and applications. In every case, they want control over the costs and security of all these mobile devices and applications. Preferably as a service and offered by a reliable and experienced partner like Orange. With our Enterprise Mobility services, we are clearly evolving towards a mobility-as-a-service offer: integrated and completely in function of our clients."



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