What can you do with 1 GB of mobile data?


What can you do with twice as much data? How many minutes of video calls do you have? How many webinars or YouTube videos can you watch? How many web pages can you visit? How many emails can you read? How many apps can you install? We can tell you because we did the math.

When you’re surfing the web on your tablet or smartphone you probably don’t think about the data volume you’re using. And why would you? There’s no need to worry because as of 20 November 2017, the extraordinary benefit Data Bonus is allocated free of charge to Shape & Fix Comfort, Shape & Fix Extra and/or Shape & Fix Basic with digital lines: that’s double the amount of mobile national data, every single month.

To give you an idea of the possibilities a double data allowance offers, we calculated what you could you do with 1 GB of mobile data:


  • Skype for 24 hours
  • 8 hours of video calls and sharing your screen with Skype
  • 1.5 hours of HD video calls via Skype
  • 2 hours of viewing a webinar or YouTube videos in standard quality (480p)
  • visit 400 web pages
  • read 2,000 emails
  • download 50 apps


Do you like to keep tabs on your data usage? Click here and discover the My Orange app and the free service Travel Data Control.


Don’t forget to inform your staff. Share this interesting PDF file to inform them of this extraordinary benefit so they can make the most of their double mobile data volume and surf the web carefree.

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