What smartphones and company cars have in common


Orange is one of the market leaders in mobility. Besides it's own networks (mobile and fixed), Orange offers solutions for communication, devices, mobile apps and their management. With two experts in the field of mobility, Jean-François Métais and Renaud De Bouvet from Orange, we discuss the trends that count in companies today. And more specifically: three trends and one striking similarity.


Two mobility experts discuss the latest trends:


1. Outsourcing

"This is a trend that we see appearing everywhere," says Jean-François Métais, B2B Marketing Program Manager at Orange. "Companies want the management of mobile telephones and communication to be taken care of by somebody else. Preferably one single party. The trend manifests itself in the fact that companies want to focus on their central activities and outsource other tasks. Mobility is one of these tasks," Métais says. This outsourcing extends to the management and security of mobile devices and apps.


2. A set price

This is the next trend. "When companies outsource, they want complete transparency in the costs. They want to know exactly what they can expect. This is also where Orange offers one answer with services based on fleet management," says Métais. Before they outsource, companies want, for example, an exact picture of the amount that they will have to pay for telecommunications services and devices every month.



This four-letter abbreviation, representing the third trend, stands for Choose Your Own Device. "People in the sector often talk about BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, where employees bring their own devices to the office with them," explains Métais. "But it’s a trend I see less and less of nowadays. It is rather the employer who offers a portfolio of devices from which the employees can make a choice."

The devices themselves are subject to change. Renaud De Bouvet, Device & Care Director at Orange, has noticed that this signifies three major evolutions.

"The screens of devices like smartphones are becoming bigger. Furthermore, we are seeing the performance and autonomy of mobile devices improve quickly. And finally, today, 4G is the standard for most devices," he says. "Orange responds to this evolution. We understand that a smartphone is for both work and private use. For a lot of people, it has become an important partner to have in the pocket. And we offer a wide range of choices in smartphones and tablets."


Company cars

With these three trends–outsourcing, a fixed monthly price and Choose Your Own Device–Jean-François Métais sees a striking resemblance to another sector: that of company cars. "There, too, you see that companies allow themselves a full package. Every month, they pay a set amount per employee to a company that completely takes over the management of the vehicle fleet. And with a leasing contract, the employee can choose from a pre-defined list of vehicle types."

There is one final similarity between mobile devices like smartphones and tablets on the one side and company cars on the other. "Both make up a part of an employee’s remuneration package. And just like with a vehicle, there is a little bit of status involved with a smartphone or a tablet. The two worlds have more in common than you might think."


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