Why good mobile Internet is as important as a good night´s sleep


At the Sheraton hotels in Brussels (Le Méridien, Sheraton Brussels, Sheraton Brussels Airport, Four Points and the hip, modern Aloft), the customer comes first. Always. And the Sheraton customer wants the best when it comes to communication. Using the Internet, calling, emailing, conference calling and video meetings. It needs to go smoothly, each and every time. And this also applies to internal communication, within and between the hotels.

Olivier Uytterhoeven, Director of MIS, Brussels Complex at the Starwood group.


Countless clients with just as many specific demands

Every year, the Sheraton hotels receive thousands of clients, including a large number of business professionals. “And they have very specific demands when it comes to communication possibilities,” says Olivier Uytterhoeven, Director of MIS, Brussels Complex with the Starwood group. “At any moment, wherever they might be in the hotel, they want to be able to work like they’re at the office and relax like they’re at home.” 


Just that little bit more

Reliable, safe and super-fast mobile Internet is the strict minimum for anyone in business. Hotels that can’t guarantee it at all times are going to quickly fall out of the race. “This is why we have been working with Orange for all these years,” says Olivier Uytterhoeven. “And no matter what a client might be used to in the area of telecom, we always want to offer that little bit more. We are only satisfied if a client thinks: ‘This is what I want at home or at work.’ But of course, the communication between staff members in every hotel and between the hotels is just as important.”


We are completely ready for 4G. The infrastructure is ready for it in all our hotels, our operator is ready and raring to offer it in Brussels, and our clients can’t wait to use the Internet faster than ever before. So bring it on!

Olivier Uytterhoeven


Ready for every client and for the future

Olivier Uytterhoeven: “Our clients expect flexibility from us. Take our hotel (the only one) in the Zaventem airport. Very frequently, meetings and conferences are held there where clients want to give presentations involving live Internet. They expect unique IP addresses for 400 to 500 people, a number of dedicated lines, personalised messages in the hotel rooms and so forth. In Aloft, our newest hotel, with a very modern design and different approach, we once again offer all the newest possibilities for relaxing and working hard on the smartphone, tablet and laptop.”


4G on the starting blocks

4G–it means downloading 10 times more quickly than with 3G. The uploading speed can also rise as high as 46 Mbps. Mobile Internet has never been as lightning fast as this! 

Thanks to the 4G network, you’ll benefit
from super-high speeds when:

  • videoconferencing
  • downloading professional files
  • transferring large files
  • accessing your data in The Cloud
  • accessing online collaboration tools
  • making your smartphone your mobile office.

With Orange, you can also benefit from 4G on your iPhone. Because we are certified by Apple for this new standard in tele-communications.

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