Win the war for talent with unique benefits


Now that the war for talent is becoming fiercer, it has become even more difficult to attract and retain good employees. Fortunately Orange is there to help you.

One of the largest service voucher companies in Belgium was experiencing considerable turnover of cleaning staff. It did offer its employees fringe benefits, but they were exactly the same conventional benefits also provided by the competition. The company has therefore decided on something extra to strengthen the bond with its people. In collaboration with Orange, it has found the ideal solution: mobile call credit. Cleaners that are new to the company receive a monthly mobile allowance of 3 three euros. If they stay on for more than 3 three months, they will receive 6 six euro per month. A senior cleaner who has been with the cleaning company for more than 12 months can even count on a monthly mobile allowance of 9 nine euros. This benefit is highly appreciated by the employees and together with the other benefits, it quickly stabilised the staff turnover.

The service voucher company’s issues show that the war for talent is not just about attracting the best new talent. Finding ways to retain the talent the company already has is as equally important.

Strive towards happiness

What’s the key to keeping the best talent on board? Happy employees. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs are not just more productive; they are also far less likely to believe that the grass is greener on the other side. Satisfied employees will also help to attract the best new employees. So how do you keep your staff satisfied and make sure they like working for you?

There are many answers to this question. A pleasant corporate culture is one answer. Interesting roles with real responsibilities and meaningful work is another. However, one of the most efficient methods is still an attractive benefits package.

Unique benefits for exceptional talent

The Orange Employee Benefit Program offers your employees a unique package of attractive mobile communication benefits, such as Invoice Split and Cooldeals. 

Invoice Split allows you to determine which amount of your employees’ telecom invoice you wish to cover and which part is to be paid by them. Your employees will not pay a subscription fee and will get cheaper business call rates and your invoicing will be considerably simpler. 

Orange Cooldeals allow both your employees and their family members to enjoy some exceptional benefits: from personal promotions valid for the entire family to discounts for life even if your employee decides to leave the company at some point.This reinforces your image as a caring employer considerably without any effort on your part. Orange will manage everything and will provide a personalised website to your company. Employee family members can also contact Orange directly with any questions and will not need to contact you

A win-win situation for everyone 

The Employee Benefit Program has many other advantages, such as the Hardware Bonus Program,which is a simple way to offer your employees the best 4G smartphones and e-signatures. This allows your employees to sign paperless contracts on their computers or tablets without any intervention of the mobile devices manager. We offer you all this with two goals in mind: to make your employees’ lives more pleasant with benefits and to make your tasks simpler. A win-win situation for everyone. 

To find out more about the Employee Benefit Program’s benefits and attractive tax implications, contact your Account Manager for a personal presentation that is tailored to your company.
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