Blokker: faster and safer tills


"The Orange service is a major advantage. We can always rely on the business expert team to find the right solution. Orange makes a real contribution."

The challenge

New POS systems

In 2010, Blokker prepared its shops for new ADSL-based tills. Marleen Panis talks about the early days of Blokker’s cooperation with Orange: “Our parent company in the Netherlands works with KPN. That is why we got in touch with Orange in Belgium, which was still Mobistar at the time. Even though our parent company chose Orange, we were very satisfied with their choice later. Orange rolled out ADSL at our shops in 2012 and VDSL in 2016. It all went very well. I am not a techie, but someone of the Orange business expert team is always available to offer professional support and provide clear information."


The solution


When the tills were connected with an ISDN line, the transactions were buffered at each shop. Shops used the ISDN line to call in periodically to send all transactions to head office. “With ADSL, the connection is open all the time and the shops transmit all transactions immediately,” Marleen Panis explains. “We opted for the installation of a separate ADSL Internet connection at every shop. Keeping telephone and Internet lines separate reduces the impact of possible malfunctions.” Because Blokker needed more bandwidth, the ADSL lines were upgraded to VDSL at a later stage.


The result

Faster, more secure tills

“The tills are faster and more secure after the conversion. If a till malfunctions, its transactions have already been securely registered with the head office. In the event of a problem, we can also establish remotely where things went wrong,” Marleen Panis explains. 

The cooperation with Orange went very smoothly during the conversion from ISDN to ADSL and then VDSL. "I consulted with Orange every month and we had a very good understanding after a while. We had an excellent relationship with the Orange people behind the scenes and the engineers performing the installations at our stores,” Marleen Panis says. “Everyone can sell a product, but product support is actually even more important. That is where Orange’s business expert team excels. We are not ruling out switching to Orange for our voice phone lines in the future as well,” Marleen Panis concludes.





































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