Prophets: "We don’t need anything more than Shape."


Some staff members are constantly at work out of the office. It’s only logical that they have different calling and internet habits.

Tom Willemkens


An advertising campaign is the result of teamwork. The team consists of copywriters, art directors, account executives and more. Every staff member at Prophets therefore has a well-defined task. And well-defined needs when it comes to telecommunications. This means a single calling and data bundle for everyone is completely pointless. Just as fifteen different rates would be. This is why Prophets use Shape from Orange: six appropriate formulas that meet the expectations of every mobile profile. 


The challenge

Every staff member needs to communicate as efficiently as possible

Efficiency is to a communication bureau what water is to a fish: crucial. There’s no surprise that Prophets looks for ways to become faster and better. "Our clients expect us to be flexible, and to be quick to respond. It’s not easy if your team consists of staff members with very diverse tasks and telecommunication profiles. These tasks often change according to the needs of a project." Because clients like Prophets don’t want to spend hours looking for the best telecom solution, Orange came up with their own proposal.


The solution

Shape: extremely flexible and economical

Light, Basic, Plus, Ultimate, Intense and Traveller: loaded with benefits, these are the six Shape formulas. They also represent all the formulas a business needs. "Our creative workers primarily communicate internally. Basic is perfect for them. Our account executives often visit clients, and call up mobile info and large files via our server. They are best served with Shape Ultimate, good for 6 GB data and unlimited calling time and SMS messages. This is now the standard formula for all our new employees. Our account managers also have Shape Intense. But for staff members who sporadically go outside Belgium, Intense and Traveller offer more than what’s needed. When Orange suggested that we could temporarily supplement the domestic bundles with international bundles, the problem was immediately solved! It’s also good to know that with every Shape formula, we can call fixed-line Orange numbers in Belgium for free."


The result

Working quickly and efficiently, wherever needed

“With Shape on board, we work how we like to: quickly, smoothly and efficiently. The many included options such as Conference Call and Visual Voice Mail are definitely a help. Best of all, we can easily change formulas if, for example, a staff member gets a different function. Another plus: we determine in advance how much various employees can call and use mobile internet, and we receive a report when they exceed these limits. This doesn’t happen often, because our people can easily monitor their usage themselves with the My Orange app. We really don’t need anything more than Shape."

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